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Bliss Property Management proudly oversees the Homeowners Association of Charter Ridge.

Location: 10-62 Charter Ridge Court, Breckenridge, CO
Contact: Charter Ridge HOA
Address: Charter Ridge
PO Box 2913
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Phone: 970-453-1080/970-376-4433


Company: Neil Garing Agency, Inc
Phone: 970-945-9111
Fax: 970-945-2350


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Date: 10/01/2017 2017 Charter Ridge Rules and Regulations
Date: 11/01/2016 Charter Ridge OWNER Parking Permit
Date: 10/01/2009 First Amendment
Date: 01/01/1994 Charter Ridge Bylaws
Date: 01/01/1994 Charter Ridge Declaration
10/1/20182018 Sept 30 Balance Sheet
10/1/20182018 Sept 30 P&L
10/1/20182018-2019 Expense Allocation
Date: 10/01/20172017-2018 Expense Allocation
Date: 10/01/20172017 Reserve Replacement Analysis SUMMARY
Date: 10/01/20172017 Reserve Replacement Analysis Full
Date: 09/30/20172017 Sept 30 P&L
Date: 09/30/20172017 Sept 30 Balance Sheet
Date: 10/01/20162016-2017 Expense Allocation
Date: 10/01/20162016 Replacement Reserve Account
Date: 10/01/20162016 Sept 30 Balance Sheet
Date: 10/01/20162016 Sept 30 P&L
Date: 10/01/20152015 Replacement Reserve Accounting
Date: 10/01/20152015 Sept. 30 Balance Sheet
Date: 10/01/20152015-2016 Expense Allocation
Date: 10/01/20152015-2016 Charter Ridge Budget
Date: 10/01/20152015 Sept 30 P&L
Date: 08/01/2014July 31, 2014 Component Balance Sheet
Date: 08/01/20142014 -2015 Expense Allocation
Date: 08/01/20142014-2015 BUDGET
Date: 10/01/2013Sept 30, 2013 Fiscal Year End P&L
Date: 10/01/2013Sept 30, 2013 Fiscal Year End Balance Sheet
Date: 08/01/20132013-2014 Budget and Allocations
Date: 06/30/2013June 30, 2013 P&L Reserve Account
Date: 06/30/20132014 Expense Allocation
Date: 06/30/2013June 30, 2012-2013 Est. Totals Spreadsheet
Date: 06/30/2013June 30, 2013 Balance Sheet
Date: 03/23/2013March 23, 2013 Customer Balance
Date: 03/23/2013February 2013 Balance Sheet
Date: 03/23/2013February 2013 P&L
Date: 01/15/2013December 2013 Budget vs Actual
Date: 01/15/2013December 31, 2012 Balance Sheet
Date: 01/15/2013December 2013 Budget vs Actual
Date: 10/01/20122013 Expense Allocation
Date: 10/01/20122013 Reserve Plan
Date: 09/30/2012Sept 30 2012 P&L
Date: 09/30/2012Sept 30 Balance Sheet
Date: 07/31/2012July 31, 2012 P&L vs Budget
Date: 06/30/2012June, 2012 Balance Sheet
Date: 01/31/2012February 29, 2012 Customer Balance
Date: 01/31/2012January 31, 2012 Income Statement
Date: 01/31/2012January 31, 2012 Balance Sheet
Date: 12/01/2011Reserve Replacement 2012 Charter Ridge
Date: 10/01/2011Charter Ridge 9-30-2011 Balance Sheet
Date: 10/01/2011Charter Ridge 10-1-2011 Balance Sheet
Date: 09/30/2011Charter Ridge 2011 P&L
Date: 07/08/20112011-2012 Budget
Date: 07/08/2011Charter Ridge 2010-2011
Date: 12/31/2010Charter Ridge Budget vs Actual
Date: 12/31/2010Charter Ridge Balance Sheet
Date: 11/29/20102010 Reserve Analysis
Date: 10/01/2010Charter Ridge Budget 2010-2011
Date: 10/01/2010Charter Ridge Balance Sheet
Date: 09/30/20102009-2010 Charter Ridge P&L
Date: 09/04/20092009-2010 Annual Budget
Date: 09/04/2009 Manager's Report

Codes and Notices


All smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should have their batteries replaced every six months. Smoke alarms are required in each bedroom and one on each floor outside of the bedrooms. Carbon monoxide alarms are required within 15 feet of any bedroom.

Example: A 2 bedroom unit needs 3 smoke detectors, 1 in each bedroom and 1 in the hallway outside the bedrooms. A 3 bedroom unit needs 5 smoke detectors 1 in each bedroom, 1 in the lower hallway and 1 in the upper living area.

In each case a CO detector in the hallway will meet the requirement of being 15 feet from the bedroom doors.


Carbon Monoxide Detectors Colorado House Bill 09-1091 - July 1, 2009 this bill will apply to the sale, transfer or rental of your condominium which has a fuel-fired heater or appliance, a fireplace (gas or wood), or an attached garage. For the complete bill, please see